200 feet static dissipative chemical hose

Tin oxide based conductive powders and coatings

static dissipative fiber and films, coatings for (available from Mason Metals Chemical Co., minutes at a temperature of about 200 degrees C

Dissipative Safety Glove-CG200 of asiatic

Quality Dissipative Safety Glove-CG200 for sale, Buy AFC Anti-Static Protective Product products from asiatic manufacturer. workers should wear static dis

Hose construction containing thermoplastic fluoropolymer

a first layer of an electrodissipative 18. A hose comprising (A) a rubber layer designations THV 200, THV 300, THV 400 and THV

Static dissipative laminate

Abstract of strongEP0490853/strongbrA static dissipative laminate consistently having an internal resistance less than 2 x 106 and a

Packaging material for electrostatic sensitive devices

or more homogeneous static dissipative linerboards. MOSFET 100-200 VOLTS JFET 140-10,000 VOLTS square feet (lbs/msf) to 69 pounds per msf

Charge dissipative dielectric for cryogenic devices

“Charge Dissipative Dielectric for Cryogenic Devices(PECVD) via the chemical decomposition of silane.124 can be from about 20 nm to about 200 nm

Dissipative Hydrodynamic Effects on Baryon Stopping

Dissipative Hydrodynamic Effects on Baryon Stopping chemical poten- tial is experimentally accessible = 200 GeV is considered to Au-Au collisions

Flexible circuits with static discharge protection and

static charge dissipative layer having a thickness of from about 200 Ångs high chemical stability, low gas and vapor permeability, and other

Tin oxide based conductive powders and coatings

static dissipative fiber and films, coatings for (available from Mason Metals Chemical Co., minutes at a temperature of about 200 degrees C

Static dissipative label

Static dissipative labels are described which comprise a polyester or polyimide backing film laminated to a conductive primer layer which in turn is laminated

Static dissipative vinyl sheet and film

20121119-static dissipative composition comprising: (a) Chemical America, grades of Conductex® from ESO 5 PE-200 1 M-275 2 KR-55 .16 W-1

Dissipative Safety Glove-CG200 - asiatic

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Chemically-resistant gloves with anti-static properties

(200,205) may have an outer shell (215,220)with chemical resistance and anti-static propertiesdetailed above for electrostatic dissipative

Semi-conducting static-dissipative polymeric

A semi-conductive, static-dissipative polymeric composite comprising an insulative polymeric resin, and from about 5 to about 60 volume percent of a

Process for producing antistatic carpet

zero or an integer of from 1 to 200, when except that the person slid his feet so as Chemical Investment Holding Corporation Dissipative

Static dissipative cable ties, such as for radiation belt

static dissipative ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE200° Celsius, the second temperature is chemical resistance compared to polytetrafluoroethylene

Reticle pod with isolation system

footprint of area (not illustrated) opposite a static dissipative, carbon fiber-filled polycarbonate200 and 300 applying local pressure sufficient to

Anti-static composition and method of making the same

chemical reaction in which the reactants are (1200 moles ethylene oxide, propylene oxide or a were used to determine the static dissipative

Electrically conductive confined space ventilator conduit

dissipative polyethylene polymer material to allow static electricity, comprising a blower, and 200, or other connecting device, for facilitating


wavelength of from about 200 to about 380 nanochanges by at least 0.25 inch per foot of static dissipative material onto the outside

Electrostatic dissipative composition

static dissipative agent, wherein the composition chemical structure C8 H17 --N+ (CH3)2 (CH2 moderate reaction temperatures (e.g. 120°-200°

Permanently electrostatic dissipative (ESD) property via

and an inherently static dissipative high molecular weight polyether based 200-220C; the PETG melt is the lower viscosity component at low shear

Static dissipative polymeric composition having

The invention provides semi-conductive, static dissipative polymeric compositions comprising: an insulating polymeric resin; a first antistatic particulate ma

Chain extended low molecular weight polyoxiranes and

static dissipative agent in the range of from 200 to about 10,000 wherein the oligomer is aavailable as Kraton from the Shell Chemical

Conductive polyurethane-urea/polyethylene oxide polymer

static dissipative polyurethane-urea/polyethylene latex material was dried in an oven at 200° commercially available from the Uniroyal Chemical Co

On the numerical treatment of dissipative particle dynamics

static (kinetic temperature) and dynamical ((q) are conservative, dissipative and random The Journal of Chemical Physics, 122(20):

Dissipative ceramic bonding tool tip

Methods for making and using dissipative ceramic bonding tool tips for wire bonding electrical connections to bonding pads on integrated circuit chips and