braided stainless steel rotary vibrator hose 5000psi

Nucleic acid braided J-probes

1. An oligonucleotide probe for hybridization analysis comprising: a nucleotide sequence forming a braided J structure having both a single and a double


The invention relates to an implant having a braided mesh structure (20), comprising wire elements (11) proximate to cells (14), wherein at least two


braided cores having a pick count of from 5 to 40 crossovers/inch and 5 12-48 30-80 1-10 4000-5000 3 12-36 30-80 1-10 3500-4000

Palaeohydrological parameters of a Proterozoic braided

Palaeohydrological parameters of a Proterozoic braided fluvial system (Wilge contains thin sandstone interbeds within its 3500-5000 m thick volcanic

Bronchus sealants for sealing bronchial tubes

a braided suture, poliglecaprone, polyglactin, stainless steel, nylon, polyester, silk, poly surgical site distal to the instrument 5000


201688-stainless steel wire, comparing it with that for braided polyblend suture. 1000 N, 2000 N, 3000 N, 4000 N, 5000 N, and 6000 N and to

Intra-line fishing rod

(a brand name), a glass fiber, a steel fiber(5000-90000), 25000 (10000-46000), 13400 ( twelve fibrous threads are braided tightly with

Scale orientated analysis of river width changes due to

5000 6 Mean specific stream power 4 [Wm-2] 561 2 0 0 5 10 15 20 braided river: The Tagliamento River (Italy), Geomorphology, 114(3), 348

Angiographic catheter with unitary body and tip sections and

PSI which are required where large amounts of and used in continuous lengths of over 5000 feetbraiding multiple strands of fine stainless steel

Flame resistant hose construction and method

steel wire, woven or braided or wrapped textileshose build at a suitable temperature and for a hose may be, for example, 5000 psi or 6000

Multifilament surgical cord

braided or knitted; preferred are braided cores with a pick counts ranging 5 12-24 10-30/8-15 1-10 4000-50003 12-24 10-30/8-15 1-10

Highly Abrasionproof Strip for Armouring Cable Hernesses in

is exposed to a thin steel wire with defined scrape geometries and under TwistTube = braided PET hose 2000 to 5000 cycles (without adhesive) It


2012920-5000 psi working pressure applications; (ii) of a braided or spiral-wound aramid, polyester a steel, which may be stainless or galvan

Prediction of mechanical behavior of spatially reinforced

steel as the outer surface of the expansion partBraided Composites, Proceedings of ICCM-11, 5000 10 11 00 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 1

Abrasion resistant omnidirectionally reflective pet leash

weaving or braiding, to achieve a strip width in the range of 0.0065 5000 cycles 8910 Silver Fabric Silver White EN 530 Method 2/ 5000 cycles

Prosthetic devices

WO2005096759A2 2005-10-20 BRAIDED COMPOSITE While alloys such as stainless steel may appear preferably greater than 5000, more preferably

Hydrophobic catheter and composition

2012917- eight strands of stainless steel flat wire braided onto the inner polymeric layer 112 at a(specifically, NEOFLON™ RP-5000 sold by Da

Mid-Holocene glacier expansion between 7500 and 4000 cal. yr

9000–8000, 6000–5000, 4200–3800, 3500–2500, 1600–1300, and 600–yr BP. The delta is overlain by 1 to 2 m of braided stream deposits

Omnidirectionally reflective buoyant rope

20061220- PVC/NBR foam surrounded by cylindrically braided sleeve of reflective strips Film 5000 cycles 8910 Silver Fabric Silver White EN 530 Met

Climatic and human influence on river systems and glacier

which were accumulated by a braided gravel river during the Late (5000–4300 yr B.P.; Fig. 9) and probably correlate with the middle

process on bars in Daorenji-Yanglinyan straight braided

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Method, system and device for treating various disorders of

braided or stranded wires, and a lead about 10 microseconds and about 5000 microseconds.may be employed such as stainless steel or gold

bars in Daorenji-Yanglinyan straight braided

A braided suture having antimicrobial properties comprising an elongate braided5000 ppm (wt./wt. suture) of 2,4,4′-trichloro-2′-hydroxydiphenyl

Method for prepolarizing and centering a piezoceramic power

5000 volts or more with corresponding currents ofbraided conductor 26 and back through upright stainless steel is about 10-2 meters per second