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The invention provides a process for the removal of filter cakes containing one or more polysaccharide polymers and bridging particles from the sides of a

Pryotechnic composition and device containing such composition

perchlorate and an alkali metal salt of an aromatic carboxylic acid. ThisThe rammer is hollow to accept a gallery spike, and if desired a choke

Desiccant for well acidizing process

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Oxidative hair dye compositions, methods and products

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Composition and method for treating wood

According to the invention, wood material is treated with a composition comprising at least one C1-C7 monocarboxylic acid or a salt, or mixtures thereof

Method of treating formations

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Groundwater recharge, circulation and geochemical evolution

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medicinal salt-resistant plant has high adaptability and

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201432-DÖCKER MICHAEL SCHOKE BEREND Primary Class: 442resistant material, and the artefact including a flame retardant agent may include an


The invention relates to active compound combinations, in particular within a fungicide composition, which comprises (A) cyflufenamid and (B) bixafenor


201519-An oil and gas recovery article comprising at least one part made of a poly(arylether sulfone) polymeric material comprising at least one po


2015416-Design and Procurement of Wet Limestone FGDFLUE GAS DESULFURIZATION (FGD) WORKSHOP IN CHINAPresented by Jay Weist and Vlad Vaysman Introduct

Smoke and fire damper

The invention relates to a smoke and fire damper which comprises a damper body, wherein the damper body is provided with a control device; the control


2011420-The present invention encompasses a method for increasing the growth and yield of plants. The method comprises administering to the plant a

crystalline aluminosilicate zeolites using a carboxylic acid

source, an alumina source, an alkali source and an organic carboxylic acid2702886 High-frequency choke November, 1972 Argauer et al. 423/328 3676063