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The Prince William Sound herring fishery following the Exxon

(SETAC) world conference, Vancouver (Canada), 5-9 Nov 1995; Other Hose JE, Brown E, Marty GD, McGurk MD, Norcross BL, Short JW (1995)

Mathematical model of Laminaria production near a British

Vancouver Marine Lab- oratory to validate the kelp growth model or Eqs 7-hoses to the three race- ways in order to simulate the reversal of

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2018317-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and frac- University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, Carls MG, Rice SD, Hose JE. 1998. Sen

Youth Outreach Academy

Select Vancouver students in grades 10 through 12 can train as firefighters and earn CPR-C certification at this exciting Fire and Rescue Services youth

Powered surgical retractor

4229136 Programmable air pressure counterbalance system for a manipulator 1980Rubbertuator™ (Bridgestone Corp., Tokyo, Japan), and pneumatic hose 68

Patient limb positioning apparatus

(Vancouver, CA) Primary Class: 128/878 rubber actuator (Bridgestone Corp., Tokyo, Japan)pressure in gas supply hose 28 drops below an

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Kamal and Mohamed El-Hoseny (5a) Loma Prieta (5b) Kobe (5c) Northridge response of soils for seismic design of buildings in greater Vancouver

Hey hosehead, turn on the hoops game, eh?

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Implementation Reliable and context- Aware Framework in

201244-Author(s): Hosein Karimi, Mohamad moslehAbstract: The Appearance of new Address : Vancouver,Canada Email: Website: w

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201341-Amir Hosein Salmanpour, Nebojsa Mojsilovic, Joseph SchwartzLast modified: structural masonry, 12th Canadian Masonry Symposium, Vancouver

Study in HIV-positive women links heart health to

high-blood pressure and kidney disease—could be Vancouver consensus calls for greater access to SR

Recreational vehicle sewer hose containment assembly

hose of a recreational vehicle therein and with (11204 NW. 40th Ave., Vancouver, WA, 98685) The present invention includes a rubber base end

Gasoline Empirical Analysis:

The Final Fifteen Feet of Hose: The Canadian Gasoline Industry in the Vancouver 1.011(12.222)*** 0.169(2.080)** 0.127(1.521) -0.390(-

Calulation of the net tunneling electric current in S-I-S

Vancouver Mukda Siribangphae. (1992). Calulation of the net tunneling are often used inside a hose to enhance the reduction of pressure ripple

SDC Solutions Completes Avaya Interoperability Testing

201339-(odds ratio 0.80, 95% CI 0.76-0.83 rural vs Vancouver), place of A. CarlsonR.F. MacLehoseA.R. BrummelJ.C. SchommerValue in Health

Kidney stones in some atazanavir users CATIE-News: Bite-sized

—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: 1. Chang HR and Pella PM. Atazanavir Vancouver, BC 8th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and

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—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: Klein R and S Washington, DC Interdisciplinary Viral Hepatitis Vancouver, BC More New Resources Hep C and

Hip Arthroplasty Complicated by Intraoperative Vancouver

Complicated by Intraoperative Vancouver B1 Periprosthetic Fractures: A 1) hose clamp, 2) metallic cable, 3) synthetic cable, 4) monofilament

RDi-A new method for evaluating of rock mass drillability

Hoseinie SH., Ataei M., Aghababaei H. and Pourrahimian Y. (2007). Proceedings of the 1st Canada-US Rock mechanics symposium, Vancouver,


techniques, viz., air, hydrostatic, and hose pressure (the same principle underlying the air, Wartsilla MarineIncVancouver

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30 km south of Vancouver, British Columbia on a Crescent silty clay loam.Tarus, Hoseah Kibett

PEP tested after sexual exposure to HIV in Los Angeles CATIE-

—Sean R. Hosein REFERENCES: 1. Nishimura Y, Igarashi T, Haigwood NL, Vancouver, BC 5e symposium sur la prise en charge des hépatites virales

Hose shut-off and clamp

JOHN FYFE, OF VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADApressure that the hose can stand, or can be oil or air hoses to shut off the sup 7

One Vancouver Clinic Finds Low Rates of HCV Reinfection After

One Vancouver Clinic Finds Low Rates of HCV Reinfection After CureBy Sean R. Hosein

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Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, a largely low- Washington, DC Interdisciplinary Viral Hepatitis SR

SCMA Codebook Design

Hosein NikopourAlireza BayestehHadi BalighIEEEIEEE Vehicular Technology Vehicular Technology Con- ference, September 14-17, 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Coho salmon smolt production from Kelvin Creek (Cowichan

and lakes, on the east coast of Vancouver hose apparatus by keeping - 5- the fence panelsWashington streams, would predict somewhat higher