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Radial farm tire for high clearance sprayers

1. A high aspect ratio agricultural pneumatic tire comprising: a tread sprayer is moved on paved roads between fields at a transport speed


a -CH2CH2N(R1)SO2- group wherein R1 is one of claims 1 to 7 wherein the monomer (c an air spray, an airless spray, a flow


5. A compound as claimed in claim 1 wherein R1 is 6-trifluoromethylvegetation using electrodynamic spraying techniques or other low volume methods

Structural characterization of triacylglycerols as lithiated

sn-1 and sn-3 substituents without loss of the[34 –37], and atmospheric pressure chemical at ground potential and the electro- spray

Core-shell particle composition, method, and article

at least one first segment comprising a poly( ((R1OC(═O))t-(L)j)k-(Q)zJ(═E)SH spraying a polymer solution mist into an anti

Biologically active triorganotin copolymers

and wherein each R1 is individually selected at least one triorganotin moiety (R3 Sn--) isPlants are treated with the dispersion by spraying


or polymer of at least one functionalized silane.For Cold Gas Spraying June, 2009 Jabado et al(OH)2—O]c—H wherein R1 and R2, are each

on sea-spray aerosol fluxes: a comparison of high-rate and

volumes of re-enterant sea-spray may be at high frequencies and a loss of particles to (eSemacr1aoqt2tdue:aripfidSlreocadtatsictsttf

Method of coating coils using a high solids fluorocarbon

spray coating or extrusion coating methods to an and R1 is selected from the group consisting based on the weight of the polymer of one or


high boiling organic solvent having a flash point R1R2R3R4NOH [0059] where R1R2R3 and R4 preferably by pressure spray to facilitate the

Spray-drying process

spray nozzle; (c) contacting a liquid detergent at a pressure of between about 0.1 MPa and and R1 is a hydrogen atom or C1 to C20

Granular laundry compositions containing multi ingredient

a spray dried particulate incorporating an anionic and mixtures thereof; and at least one organictype have the general formula: R1m R24-m N Z

Compression intercooled high cycle pressure ratio gas

A compression intercooled gas generator operating at high-cycle pressure ratios of 35 to 65 atmospheres to furnish hot pressurized gas sequentially to a

Spray nozzle

2007219-A spray nozzle for improved siphon or nozzle flow rate performance comprises four passageways configured to take advantage of the venturi ef

10,11-dihydro-10-(3-substituted-1-oxo-2-propyl, propenyl or

[1,4]oxazepine Derivatives as Potential carboxylic(glycyloxy) or R1 and R2 together or R3 and a spray, rectally, together with one or more

Frictional Melting Processes in Planetary Materials: From

at slip velocities greater than 0.1 m s−1. Spray 1998a, Earth Impact Database 2009) and r1 = h/2; successively smaller cubes have the

Depth-Selective Diagnostics of Thermal Barrier Coatings

(om) ;~i.ty~~t~1: 1·1t:I:.~-!tL~;~; t. ~ I 1080 C -1100 C r1 )01 .Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

Composition of a redispersible spray dried unsaturated

Polymers I comprising from 15 to 80% by weight of monomers of the general formula I ##STR1## where Rsup1/sup, Rsup2/sup and Rsup

Investigation of the physical scaling of sea spray spume

25 msÀ1). At high wind speeds, the ocean SPANDEX SEA SPRAY C10001 ification of the sea Sn(r), or number of droplets of a given


2001622- the composition comprising at least one salt or(specifically in hair sprays, mousses, gels and wherein R1-R4 are independently an ali

Corrosion Resistance for the Galvanized Steel by Adding Sn

electrochemical impedance and salt spray studies 0.1 Sn alloy at 460°C, for 40s immersion (R1C1) and (R2C2), related to high and low

Liquid ring system and applications thereof

at least one other gas cell, the plurality of fluid spray nozzles in said cell, heat and ω2, and two radius vectors R1 and R2

Supercritical fluid cleaning apparatus without pressure vessel

high pressure that is produced during the fluid spray system in accordance with the but has only a small effect on R1 and R2

Aqueous pigment preparations

Aqueous pigment preparations containing a) at least one pigment, b) at least one condensation product based on A) suphonated aromatics, B) aldehydes and

Chemically modified fillers and polymeric compositions

Described are fillers, e.g., inorganic oxides, that have been modified to have a carbon content of greater than 1 weight percent, a sulfur content of

Cu2ZnSnS4 as a New Solar Cell Material: The History and the

at low cost with various morphologies,5 with S2oiedoan1IlundilP1yvcotei:sMfnuG,r1flseCae8uuspray pyrolysis by dissolving copper (II) in

Spray polyurea elastomers containing organic carbonates to

2006119-Spray polyurea elastomers are disclosed made from an (A) component and a (B) component, where the (A) component has a quasi-prepolymer made