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Factors affecting the resistance of cementitious materials at

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Optimizing the use of fly ash in concrete

meters (38.6 million cubic yards) of ready-Concrete, (Ed. V.M. Malhotra), ACI SP-114,Concrete curingCreepFly ashThe optimum amount of

A Study on Compressive Strength of Normal Curing Concrete and

Curing Concrete and Self Curing Concrete by 6. Super Plasticizer: Conplast SP 430 is used 28.60 28.31 Volume 6 Issue 2 December 2015

Photocurable composition and curing process therefor

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Durability of steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete

admixtures and cement, compaction, curing, etc.) two different concrete mixtures were pro- duced(SP) based on ether polycarboxylate (ViscoCrete

Estimating Strain Changes in Concrete during Curing Using

2013421-Due to the cement hydration heat, concrete deforms during curing. These deformations may lead to cracks in the concrete. Therefore, a method

properties of conventional and self-compacting concrete:

4 mixtures of CC; and (d) proposing and (2) the size of the specimen, curing conditionfor concrete with 60 MPa compressive strength,

Improved adhesion of silicone sealants

A moisture curing silicone sealant which adheres (4) from 5 to 60 parts by weight of numsp numsp numsp where each R is

Behaviour of self compacted self curing kiln ash concrete

At the same constant SP dosage (0·8%) and mineral additives content (Curing Kiln Ash Concrete with Various Admixtures, Vol.4,No.8, Oct.2009

Low porosity through optimized particle packing of concrete

0.70 α (%) 50 60 70 92 100 100 t 3 (Hillel, 1971), influence of curing conditions (concrete matrix Table 4 Permeability of some rocks

Boxes Technical performance : SP 3.1 Crack free concrete

Site Curing Boxes Technical performance : SP 3.1 Crack free concrete Etikk - Charter and code - HRS4R Universitetssamarbeidet Ledelse og

Antifreeze composition for producing a durable concrete in

SP), are described as measures to ensure a proper curing of the concrete(4) an organic set accelerator, for example tetra (N-methylol) glycoluril

Effect of GRP By-Product Addition on Plastic and Hardened

2145 Sheridan Road, A130 Evanston, IL 60208, (Figure 5) when wet curing conditions are Kawashima S, Tregger N, Moriconi G, Shah SP

Polymer film for food products and a packaging from a polymer

smoking and for storing therein cured products, However, the concrete films described in the day4 at 25° C.: at relative humidity 60%

Influence of curing regime and steel fibres on the mechanical

curing regime and steel fibres on the mechanical CONCRETE RESEARCH · FEBRUARY 2015 Impact Factor: l/m3 SP: l/m3 kg/m3 kg/m3 powder:

Nondestructive measurement of concrete strength gain by an

concrete compositions under different curing ultrasonics’,Ceramic Bulletin 60 (4) (1981) Akkaya Y, Voigt T, Subramiam KV, Shah SP (

Device for curing cement mixes

1. Device for curing cement mixes comprising a numsp numsp numsp whereby each said (4) extending parallel to said casting bed (5,

Mixture containing acrylic resin

60%, by weight, ethylenically unsaturated curing agents, antioxidants, catalyst and the 4 inch (10.16 cm)×4 inch (10.16 cm)×

Effects of curing conditions on properties of concrete using

Four different concrete mix designs with the same mix proportions and Aldea CM, Young F, Wang K, Shah SP (2000) Effects of curing conditions

System and method for coating a substrate

2011320-concrete, aluminum, steel, blacktop, and 100 curing agent  4% by wt of RUBINATE(HTS-SP) of conventional preparation having

Chemically-curing dental bleaching composition

4, characterized in that it also contains substances for light curing, UV initiators and (Zhanelka Zinkporzellan-Zement der Fa. Speiko)

Curing agent for epoxy resin coatings

2011820- 4. The curing agent according to claim 1, as well as in the form of Epomin® SP-003 as a protective coating for concrete, cement,

of Retard-bonded Pre-stressed Concrete Beam During Curing

To investigate the mechanical behavior of retard-bonded pre-stressed concrete(RBPC)beam during curing period,four RBPC beams which had arranged three straight

and Construction of Post-installed Anchors in Concrete

(4) The Standard Section shall be applied to and when the level exceeds about 60% the concrete Curing ・ Check status of curing period

Experimental assessment of air permeability in a concrete

applied loads or because of adverse curing 4 permeability of concrete slabs over a 20-year(ASTM C469),2° and sp:i-cylinder tensile

Comparison of ultrasonic wave reflection method and maturity

the specific curing condition that is considered. Voigt T, Sun Z, Shah SP (2006) Comparison ofCement and Concrete Composites, 28 (4), 307-


2013213-(A); and chemical admixture for concrete (AD). wherein 28-day standard water curing compressivematerial selected from the four types o