lay flat irrigation hose squeeze peristaltic pump for cement

Fluid conduit-responsively adjustable pump arrangement and

A rotary peristaltic pump arrangement and method, with a set of specially constructed tube set conduits interchangeably interconnectable in selectively

Pump tube for a peristaltic pump

The pump tube (10) for a peristaltic pump consists in the non-deformed state of two arcuate sections (11, 12) which merge into one another along

Adhesive bonding for a pneumatic tire

cement of high stiffness such that a stiffness 46 extending from a flat (closed) trailing the peristaltic pump assembly 14 may further

Implantable drug delivery device with peristaltic pump having

An implantable drug infusion device includes a pump tube for holding a liquid to be pumped. A race is configured to support the pump tube. A roller

Filter for a pneumatic tire

2002320- a peristaltic pump assembly 14, and a tire 46 extending from a flat (closed) trailing squeezed opposite the tire footprint, segment


2012620-A pumping mechanism is disclosed that includes a plurality of peristaltic pumping actuators configured to selectively and sequentially compr

Peristaltic filtration hose apparatus and method

2003920-Incorporating a permeable hose within a peristaltic pump results in a unique device that can simultaneously pump, filter and self-clean susp

Linear peristaltic pump

A linear peristaltic pump equipped with a pressure relief mechanism for pumping I.V. fluids to a patient comprises a platen for supporting the tube, and

Peristaltic pump comprising members for locating a tube

The peristaltic pump (b1/b) comprises a rotor with rollers, a mobile jaw having an open position and a closed position, and further comprises,

Surgical irrigation pump and tool system

peristaltic pumping of irrigation liquid to the flat minor surface portion circumferentially hose, not shown, or through separate flexible


A peristaltic pump assembly utilizing a housing with a circular inner wall and a rotor for progressively squeezing a tube lying against the wall, and the


The present invention relates generally to dispensing system configured for dispensing a food product. The invention also relates to a peristaltic pump that

Peristaltic pump

The invention concerns an improved peristaltic pump including at least one elastically flattenable tube and at least two assemblies of two pressing elements

Volumetric fluidics pump

2012224-A pump for moving a fluid through a fluidics system includes a surface and channel disposed along at least a portion of the surface. The pum

Peristaltic pump tubing system with latching cassette

An improved, hose occluding, pulley block employed as a component of a wave-powered, reciprocating hose peristaltic pump apparatus typically installed in a

Squeeze type pump

A squeeze pump has an elastic tube disposed between an inlet and an outlet of a cylindrical drum and extends along an inner peripheral surface of the

Infusion rotary peristaltic pump

squeeze the bent portion during rotation for a peristaltic pump has been set up in 1881 which flat against the other side part so that the


The invention relates to a peristaltic pump, especially for extracorporeal or intracorporeal medical use, comprising a permeable member (1) that is provided

Pulseless peristaltic pump

20011220-A peristaltic pump comprising a pump housing, a compressible pump tube positioned between rotatable occluding members and a pump tube track

Peristaltic pump

A peristaltic pump for propelling liquid through a flexible tube segment. The pump has a cam shaft which carries a plurality of cams each having a

Rotary peristaltic pump

A rotary peristaltic pump comprises a rotor member (4) fitted in a stator member (5) and coupled to a motor (2) and having a cylindrical head

Safety devices for peristaltic pumps

The present invention is a disposable combination of tubing components for use with the roller pump that limits the negative pressure said pump generates (

Flow optical analysis for peristaltic and other rotary pumps

A peristaltic pump design with single or dual feed tubes each engaged by a peristaltic rotor with rollers bearing against the feed tubes to compress and

Casette for use with an I.V. infusion controller

flat configuration, being sealed at its periphery with the periphery of said membrane squeezed weight than the peristaltic pumping type of

To the Projection of a Peristaltic Slit Pump

201673-To the Projection of a Peristaltic Slit Pumphose has no significant limitations on the value Flow of an incompressible liquid in a fla

Machine balancer with peristaltic fluid pump

A balancer arrangement for a rotating machine element employs a peristaltic pump which pumps a balancing fluid to respective balancing chambers via flexible

An apparatus for initiating and dispensing an incendiary

2004413- Preferably said pump is a peristaltic pump. hose to the supply of water via the port 124.flat surface 222 which extends outwardly fro