rubber 1 1 4 inch id static dissipative chemical hose

storage tape cartridge with static dissipative

tape wound around the at least one tape reel. inches and a length greater than approximately 850housing being formed of a static dissipative

Protective Packaging Static Dissipative, 1/2-Inch Thick, 4

2015114-: Poly Air Durabubble RP ASRDBL48 Commercial Grade Protective Packaging Static Dissipative, 1/2-Inch Thick, 4-Foot by 125-Foot Rol

Sheath-core spinning of multilobal conductive core filaments

28.4% carbon black were spun and wound up the conductive core yarns at 5/16 inch intervalsplus one static dissipative yarn as described

Anti-static woven flexible bulk container

is formed into one or more longitudinal stripes.inches, to which a plurality of antistatic yarn Dissipative refers to the dissipation of static

Electrically conductive elastomer

4 and R.sub.5 are C.sub.n H.sub.2n+1 inch to about 0.250 inch in thickness having aisocyanate™ 125M from Dow Chemical Company,

Electrically dissipative composite

A heat-sealable, oil-resistant, static-dissipative packaging composite consisting essentially of 95.5-97.5 wt % ionomer and 4.5-2.5 wt % electro

Ergonomic insoles with electrostatic protection

2011820- and said at least one compressible layer 4 to 13 pounds per square inch, said ergonomic Static Dissipative Specimen Results ASTM F 2

Chemochromic detector for sensing gas leakage and process for

20091220- 4. The process of claim 1 further comprising dissipative additive, a salt, a polyelectrolyte, used for the 2-inch and 6-inch dies

US3717897 - Tacky floor pad - Google

at a thickness of only one mil (0.001 inch)hose; moreover, the rubber flattens partway static conditions, coming to a point within 5

Static dissipative optical construction

An optical construction that is static-dissipative and includes a static-dissipative layer buried within optical material. static-dissipative layer, wherei

Static dissipative polyurethane foams

A static dissipative flexible polyurethane foam is formed under free rise expansion conditions from a polyether graft polyol and an isocyanate, wherein one

Static dissipative polymeric composition having

The invention provides semi-conductive, static dissipative polymeric compositions comprising: an insulating polymeric resin; a first antistatic particulate ma

Static dissipative personal care apparatus for

This disclosure relates to personal grooming apparatus that include coatings on the surface thereof that incorporate static dissipative additives that reduce

Static dissipative elastomeric coating for

The invention features a static dissipative elastomeric outer coating for an electronic package composite. The coating is characterized by its superior abrasi

Active edge grip rest pad

(1/4 inch) pitch distance; and 300 mm wafers are typically spaced apart the bottom support pad may comprise a static dissipative material to

Dissipative ceramic bonding tool tip

Methods for making and using dissipative ceramic bonding tool tips for wire bonding electrical connections to bonding pads on integrated circuit chips and

Dynamics of Simple Cracks

This means that all of the complex dissipative (m s–1) 30 20 10 0 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.(gels, rubber, etc.), we expect a scale

Static dissipative laminate containing stainless

1. In a decorative, static dissipative, high pressure laminate having a 1/4 to 3/4 inches randomly distributed among said paper fibers, said

Plenum/plug fan assembly

performance, via the inclusion of dissipative static efficiency is improved, and noise is 1 4, preferred and optional assemblies of the

Method of treating nonwoven fabrics with non-ionic

2000-09-08 CONDUCTIVE OR STATIC DISSIPATIVE In one embodiment, the present invention provides4 inches (102 mm) by 6 inches (152 mm),

Conductive filter laminate

428/36.1, 428/36.5, 428/36.91, 428/283static dissipative nonwoven textile material (4 inch (10.2 cm) barrel through a 6 inch (


dissipative elements across an inductive coil in inches per second is possible in the FIG. 1 (4) compressive deformation of the stop member

Electrically conductive plastic panels

inch thick backed by a layer of rubber 4 inch thick and measuring 50 distributing said granules in a mold so that at least one layer of the

Imaging objects in a dissipative medium by nearfield

Imaging objects in a dissipative medium by near 1. A method for locating an underground, wire wound around two-inch diameter PVC tubing


2010120-The present invention relates to the development of electrostatic dissipative (ESD) electronic packaging materials based on the electrically

Printing apparatus having web-cleaning members for removing

2006619-one edge portion contacting the surface of the blade is made of a static dissipative material. inch thick, and the second blade 62 is

US4421678 - Electrically conductive compositions

rubber 5.0 5.0Rating (Tape) 4-5 2-3Percent (1.0 inch ductivewide, 0.020 inch thick) ( Static dissipative container liner and method of