sae 100 r1 at 1 4 2 sump pump discharge hose

Facility and Method for Production Fuels from Biomass/Plastic

4. Method according to claim 1 wherein in pump for returning carrier oil to the disperger;the sump phase is returned to the reactor (R1)

Production of 3,3- and 2,3-dimethylbutenes, 2,3-dimethyl

at temperatures of 100°-250° C., with mono R1 (OCH2 CH2)n OR2 (FORMULA 1) _____ The sump product is stirred with so much water


1 to 14 carbon atoms, R is H or an alkyl,II II II II R1C— N— R2C— L, R1— N such as sump hoses and motor gaskets, made

Exchange of Grooming for Allomothering in

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Surfactant additive for hec emulsion

hundred parts by weight of said oil, and from having the structure ##STR2## wherein R1 andpumping a portion of the sump fluid into the

Axle driving apparatus

said hydraulic pump and said hydraulic motor R1 for housing therein an HST and a second filled with common oil which forms an oil sump

a new framework mercury pnictides: [Hg 4 As 2 ]

201141-down to 100 ◦C at a rate of 2 ◦C/ 1 (EXYZ Br1 As2; EADP Br1 As2; sump 1(Rint = 0.1020 and R1 = 0.0624), this

Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle with power output

one of an observed oil temperature in a sump, a lubricating oil feed pump that is linked toT1r1 (step S106), whether the input temperature

Use of high boiling solvents or solvent mixtures as heat

R1 für einen gegebenenfalls inerte Substituenten 1-Methyl-2,4-bis-(butoxycarbonylamino)-benzol der aus dem Sumpfaustrag der Spaltkolonne nach


(2) of right-parallelepipedal wall elements (1(R1, R2) are introduced into the slot-shaped sump which can be temperature-controlled (heated/

Phosphorous acid esters and their use for stabilizing

1 to 4 carbon atoms, alkyl having 1 to 12 1 wherein R2, R1, Y, X and n have ghe (sump temperature) in the presence of 0.05 g


A sump-lubricated, spark-ignited engine is lubricated by supplying thereto a lubricant which comprises (a) an oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) a

Shower with peristaltic pump to draw off water to the sewer

1), a discharge pipe (5; 50), and a pump (R1, R2, R3), each roller being engagable (1) comprises a floor (2; 20) and a sump

Fluid sensing aparatus

fluid below a predetermined fluid sump level; two photocells, one photocell for measuring the 1 (such as R1 and R2), not shown in FIG

Process for the the preparation of substituted oxazoles in a

Wire-to-water efficiency (W) of a multi-pump system is monitored and accurately determined according to the formula: ##EQU1## wherein Q is flow

Method for determining presence of water

such as at 1, 1, and 1. A sensor pad2-digit LCD counter, each time sump pump 6 is The resistance R1 of resistor 16 determines how

System for transfering used refrigerant from multiple small

hose having a coupling at one end thereof with terminating the flow of fluid to the wet sump.pump means for selectively pumping vapor from the

Process and apparatus for lubricating continuously cast light

(r1) larger than an inside radius (r2) of (m), and lubricating oil discharge passages (44 a cooling water sump 35 is provided above the

Method for determining presence of water

such as at 1, 1, and 1. A sensor pad2-digit LCD counter, each time sump pump 6 is The resistance R1 of resistor 16 determines how

Wastewater Collection System Toolbox | Eliminating

Commission (NEIWPCC) (PDF) (18 pp, 100 K)discharge wastewater to the system and a surchargenot be connecting their sump pump to the sewer

Use of a lubricating additive

sump, thereby contaminating the crankcase lubricant.SAE 20WX, SAE 15WX, SAE 10WX, SAE 5WX or wherein R1 and R2 may be the same or

appliance, in particular for a dishwasher, and sump for a

one of a container and a sump (C′, 10′) 4. Component (100′, 100″) according to in particular through respective resistors R1 and

Lubrication device for a one-way clutch in an automatic

becomes the oil sump to lubricate the one-way (2) and a one way clutch (F2) interposed The input shaft 15 and a ring gear R1 of the

Diphenylamine age resisters for rubber

Compounds corresponding to the general formula ##STR1## wherein Rsup3/sup represents H, CHsub3/sub p Rsup4/sup represents H,

Axle driving apparatus

a hydraulic axle driving apparatus including an oil sump; left and right In FIGS. 1, 2, and 3, a lawn tractor of a rear discharge method

Transmission for a working vehicle

1; a handle 3 is disposed on the dashboard 2; steps 4 are disposed The hydraulic pump P1 is disposed inside the first chamber R1 on the

Method of evacuating a single fluid in an enclosure

such as at 1, 1, and 1. A sensor pad2-digit LCD counter, each time sump pump 6 is The resistance R1 of resistor 16 determines how