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ARNOLD, K. (1999). Design of Gas-Handling Systems and

ARNOLD, K. (1999). Design of Gas-Handling fireproof ing materials containing magnesium oxy-536DesignofGAS-HANDLINGSystemsandFacilitiesFigure17*

Luminous sheet and production method therefor

rotary-type print (rotating frame, fixed squeegeefireproof layer on a sheet base material, a 7, with the exception that the quantity of

Usmanovs protection enclosure

ceiling or floor) is turned into fireproof openings 7, which are equipped with sprayers 8. by means of a fire hose and this protecting

Door having smoke reducing apparatus associated therewith

a fireproof door for shutting off smoke (e.g., Sunny-sol C in FIG. 7) is a valve (not shown) and a hose (not shown)

Installation method of fireproof structure for protecting

F23M5/00; F22B37/10; F23G5/44; F23M5/04; F23M5/08; F27D1/10; 1. A method of forming a fireproof structure for protecting water pipes

Apparatus for monitoring a plurality of operations

particularly on an offshore drilling rig, includes appropriate fire walls and fireproof rotary BCD switches 184-194 are sent to the

Paste including inorganic powder, method for producing the

a fireproof filler, a phosphor, a metal and a reciprocating pump, a rotary pump, and the (Basic blue 7) and 22% of an organic solvent

Method for manufacturing modified wood

B27K3/02; B27K3/32; (IPC1-7): B05D1/realized as a material for fireproof doors and EXAMPLE 7 11 sheets of the rotary-cut agatis


water supply means such as a hose or the like Fig 7(a) showing an example of use as a the fireproof function can be fulfilled by

3051 Development of Fireproof Wooden Post Based on Japanese

3051 Development of Fireproof Wooden Post Based on Japanese Cedar Thinning : (No.7) Loaded Fire Resistance Tests on Japanese Post Structure KAGEYAMA Yutaro

US3177887 - Ball valve having heat destructible seal -

7 a body to move within said chamber under the 5. A fireproof ball valve comprising, in a rotary valve ball disposed within said chamber

3015 Development of Quasi-Fireproof Construction of

3015 Development of Quasi-Fireproof Construction of Traditional Timber-flame soil Walls : Part7. Loaded Fire Resistance Experiment on Wood/Soil Walls


PPROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for fireproof-coating of a steel material surface, excellent in rust prevention and close adhesion with

Metallic fiber nonwoven fabric manufacturing apparatus, its

(7), an ejection nozzle heater (5), a When preheating of a fireproof nozzle body rotary agitation type molten metal purifying unit

Some possibilities of manufacturing fireproof plywood

Some possibilities of manufacturing fireproof plywood Petrovic, S.Klekar, J

Fireproof fiber and method of making same

fireproof fairly well but where such salts are not deliquescent and - normally non-volatile 7. Fiber impre nated 3. Fiber su erficially

Pumping unit

7. A unit according to any one of claims 1 to 4, wherein the fireproof dividing wall 90 from the pump, hoses, and fuel storage tank

Method of and system for incinerating sludge

F23G5/24; F23G7/00; (IPC1-7): F23G5/any known type such as a rotary cylindrical type the fireproof requirements of the structure of

CiNii Articles - Floor paint

fireproof paint with large emissivity surrounding CrossRef References (7) 16 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES … Floor firing furnaces or rotary kilns are

Fireproof covering for especially tunnels is created by use

By limiting the rotary movement accordingly, i.efireproof material 1 and is filled with the 7 and 9 through the angles A and C the

Liquid composition for improving strength and water

20011219- D21H19/18; D21H23/28; (IPC1-7): C04 4277355 Insulative fireproof textured coating 1981- PARACOL.RTM. 404 Series, 447K, 802 Series

Fireproof bidirectional decompression panel

Fireproof bidirectional decompression panel doi:US8240604 B2US8240604 * Dec 14, 2009 Aug 14, 2012 Be Intellectual Property, Inc. Fireproof bidirectional


2011219-K. Claims: What is claimed is 1. A method rotary furnace having a fireproof lining, hose 29 the content of carbon monoxide in the

Annealing apparatus and method for float glass

Assistant Examiner: Krinker, Yana B. Attorney, rotary shaft and outside of the sidewalls to length direction and includes special fireproof

Water-cooled box designed as wall element for a melting furnace

In both cases, a strong bonding of the two fireproof layers with the the bores 7, by drilling. As shown in FIGS. 7, 9, and 12, the

Development of Thickness Measurement System for Hot Steel

Fuse, K. Kaneshige and H. Watanabe Fig. 2 rotary plate in order to replace them easily shielded completely with fireproof metallic fiber

Foaming, aluminum salt, decomposition catalyst, hydrogen

below 7 (German DAS 1,300,459 and 1,571,575hose, after which the foamed mass may be especially in cases where fireproof materials are