extra large diameter fire hydrant hose

Fire hydrant control valve

Fire hydrant control valveA method of draining afire hose or a threaded side cap (e.g., diameter 308A of the drain ring recess 308 in

Fire hose testing apparatus and method

2010820- affixing a plurality of hoses to branch test Usually, water from a fire hydrant (fire plug) FIG. 1G is a side view of smaller diamete

Residential water meter with integral fire hydrant

A water meter with integrally constructed fire hydrant to be used for residential applications. The device comprises an input, an output, and a hydrant

System and method for testing fire pump full capacity flow

2011620-diameter larger than said first diameter; and a such as fire hydrants or building fire pumps.hose and a playpipe to allow the free fl

Fire hydrant - Wikipedia

2014621- The user attaches a hose to the fire hydrant,diameter to accommodate the large central steamer

Fire hydrant lock

for securing a fire hydrant having an operatingdiameter and having a circular groove therein, large buildings or numbers of dwellings, or when


hydrants, pumps, prime movers and all other the diameter to be larger than that of the The fire hose (e.g canvas) has to be long

Portable brushfire hydrant

The present invention relates to brushfire fighting equipment and more particularly to a portable brushfire hydrant which can be easily stored and maintained

Fire hydrant cleaning device

201336-19, 2014 FIRE HYDRANT CLEANING DEVICE [0001] This application is a larger diameter of 0.177 inches (0.45 cm) and a smaller diameter of 0


fire hose comprising a main valve body having afire hydrant and a water outlet adapted to feedthe inside diameter of the main valve chamber 18


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Fire hydrant security integrated flow control/backflow

Integrated flow control backflow preventer valve (“IFCBPV”) for new and existing wet- and dry-barrel fire hydrants, with barrel drain assemblies for

Operating nut for fire hydrant

fire hydrant, a lower end on said cap axially diameter connecting nut and bolt assemblies 40 andlarger than the diameter of sleeve portion 75 of

Fire hydrant securing arrangements

A fire hydrant securing arrangement utilizes a magnetic detent to couple an outer body to a center post so that when a wrench with a permanent magnet

Fire hydrant

20081219-Flanged upper and lower standpipe sections are connected by a plurality of bolts and frangible powdered metal nuts to form a fire hydrant. C

Fire hydrant lifting and setting device

A fire hydrant lifting harness includes a lifting triangle, a pair of connecting cables, and a pair of rigid paddles. The lifting triangle includes two

Fire Hose Valves Wyes | Rawhide Fire Hose

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Basics, Laying a Large Diameter Hose Supply Line | Fire

about laying a large diameter hose supply line? hydrant and struck a fire fighter in the head This allows for extra hose at the hydrant to

Fire Hydrant Operating Nut and Method for Lubricating the

A method for delivering water through a fire hydrant is disclosed and includes unlocking a sprinkler cap control lock on the fire hydrant, removing the

Fire hydrant valve cover

The fire hydrant valve cover comprises a valve body and a valve cover, the diameter of the circular sealing gasket is equal to the that of the

Fire hydrant cover including a controller coupled with a

20091220-A protective-fire-hydrant-cover comprising an operating-nut-extender and a protective-fire-hydrant-casing. The operating-nut-extender is fir


2012320-A security device (36) for a fire hydrant (10), the fire hydrant (10) having a center nozzle (14) and first and second side nozzles (14)

Tamper-proof cover for the operating nut of a fire hydrant

fire extinguishing agent tank (12), the body (13) and hose box (14), through a pipe diameter of the large end hydrant connection with Bluetooth

Folding fire hydrant

The folding fire hydrant mainly comprises a hydrant body, a connection large diameter at interval, packing is filled in the gap between the two


A safety coupling for connecting two sections of a vertical standard-like member such as a fire hydrant, light pole, sign post, vertical post of a

Fire control cabinet with portable fire control water hose

diameter water hose; a large-diameter connection end and a small-diameter connection end are arranged on the fire hydrant; and a clamping connector

Wet barrel fire hydrant with improved flow capability

2010219-diameter between a position closing the other saidlarger than the radius from said diameter to the According to the three-way fire hyd