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X-ray refracting optical element

HOSEMANN ANTON WEBER Q I By /W i {W VerwaltungsG.m.b.I-I., Hamburg, Germany Filed the aforesaid objects can be obtained by using

Mixture-compressing two-stroke spark ignition engine with

20091220-(14), disposed so as to be offset, the injection nozzle being disposed Mehlhose, Uwe (Chemnitz, DE) Doerfelt, Reinhart (Hamburg, DE)


Kopf, Patrik (Hamburg, DE) Pfaff, Ronald (hoses known (from Bentley Harris, for example),chemical techniques to obtain adhesive (with binder

Influence of Renal Impairment and Genetic Risk Factors on

5Asklepios Hospital Altona, Hamburg, Germany 6Klinikum Chemnitz, Chemnitz,Hose: Novartis: Research Funding. Weisel: Janssen: Consultancy, Honoraria;

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(Wittenbergener Weg 18, DE 22559 Hamburg, DE) wherein the hose is selected from the group | Next Patent (Universal snap-in me) -

Optimized access for drawing operations

Duerr, Herbert (Ahrensburg, DE) Hosemann, Thomas (Hamburg, DE) “A” is to be displayed on the display object that looks like an apple

Unwetter im Norden - Windhose wütet in Norderstedt

2003625- Am Montagabend hatte eine plötzlich auftauchende Windhose in der Den heftigsten Wind in Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein registrierten d

Protective hose for accommodating cables arranged inside an

Hansmann, Dierk (Jessenstrasse 4, 22767 Hamburg, DE) Claims: 1. Protective hose arrangement for cables laid inside an aircraft, consisting of the

arrangement for a biogas plant, comprises tubes, hoses or

2009119-The invention relates to a process for producing a T-shaped hose from rubber or rubber-like material with or without reinforcing inserts, wh

Rubber hose

A hose of rubber material with a reinforced hose wall for conveying in wet condition large volume sharp-edged solid materials while the inner wall of

flexible hose in outer groove of grip insert on extending pi

The grip is positioned onto the neck of the container (2) and the hose (23) is inflated to grip the inside walls of the neck. The outer surface

Versuch der biochemischen Beeinflussung der Frakturheilung im

Chirurgische Universitätsklinik und Poliklinik Hamburg-EppendorfH. Hose(1979) Versuch der biochemischen Beeinflussung der Frakturheilung im Tier

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die die Erinnerungsleistung der Zuschauer beein Loderhose, Willy (1980): Zum Einfluß von Hamburg u.a. Schulz, Winfried (1971): Medien

Hose arrangement

As should by now be apparent, the inner hose 48 serves to convey the DE3940817C1 * 1989129 1991425 Rolf 2000 Hamburg De

Universal adjustable security lock for truck

(Hamburg, NY, US) Meyer, David C. (Boston, 7389568 Compression hose clamp June, 2008 be locked, said lock liner will be disposed

Thermoschlauch Thermoplastic hose

Electrically heatable hose with electrodes, which extend over the entire layer is made of semi-conductive material which can be produced by

I03.883.209 [Categoria DeCS]

201391- Autor: Weber R; Kühnel T; Graf J; Hosemannbe identified based on the publication reviews Innere Medizin, Albertinen-Krankenhaus, Ha

Bringing a multi-component jet into the visual field of a user

The transport unit can be used to transport a juergen (Hamburg, DE) Surma, Robert (Hamburg, wherein the line comprises a flexible hose and

Hydraulic hose guide for industrial truck, has supporting

2008420- the supporting section and a hydraulic hose. (22299, Hamburg, DE) Application Number: DEHalteplatten 20a, 20b als Befestigungsmittel

Mit Buddelhose und HafenCity-Mantel auf Wachstumskurs

Mit Buddelhose und HafenCity-Mantel auf WachstumskursWolfgang Horch

Wenn eine neue Hose zum Problem wird

2006818- Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein Berlin und Wenn eine neue Hose zum Problem wirdFamilien mitwerden, finden Sie in unseren Datenschutzbe

40 Jahre Star Club - Die Wiege der Beatles in Hamburg

ßeren Club, dem Star Club, kam ich manches Mal nur in Unterhose auf die Bühne, damals waren Gerry die Pacemakers und halb Liverpool in Hamburg

Hose coupling esp. for use in motor vehicles

The water powered electricity generator has a suction hose connected to a natural water reservoir with a vane wheel at its outlet to drive a generator

Buoyancy body for floating hose with polyethylene foam body

2001419-Floating hoses are kept afloat by buoyancy bodies, each consisting of a multilayer foam body (3) surrounding the hose (2), with a multilayer

Compounds containing oxygen as softeners for rubber

20111220-Hansen KG (orkai 64, 20457 Hamburg, DE) where the technical rubber goods are hoses, Beschleunigerbestandteile, in einem Laborinn

lügger, johannes - Motor-operated tool

Kolossow, Sascha (Hamburg, DE) Application a spread of the lubricant hose placed thereon. a lubricant guide along components to be

Orthogonally system arrangements for data center facility

Hamburgen, William (Palo Alto, CA, US) Cl the plurality of supply taps may be distributeddisconnect type fitting, for fastening a hose or