hydraulic hose high pressure in detroit

Control apparatus, method and diagnostic for hydraulic fill

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI,hydraulic system, said hydraulic system including a delivering high pressure fluid to regulator 39

Hydraulic mount for improved idle and high frequency isolation

A hydraulic mount assembly includes a pair of mounting members connected together through a hollow elastomeric body. This hollow body is closed by a

Method of making vanes for hydraulic couplings

Barnes, Detroit, and Daniel W. Lysett, hydraulic torque converter and it will be seen high and low pressure sides at its entrance and

Hydrostatic Transmission – Hydraulic Pumps, Motors Valves

Eaton offers all-in-one hydrostatic transmission packages delivering precise, reliable and incredibly responsive single-lever control, even in harsh applicati

Positive-displacement-metering, electro-hydraulic fuel

electrohydraulic actuation with pressure amplificationAmann, 1985, DDEC Detroit Diesel Electronic fuel, very high injection pressures are required

independent, friction model for asymmetric hydraulic

asymmetric hydraulic cylindersfluid pressure corresponding to “low” and “high” velocitiesRobotics and Automation, (Detroit, Michigan), May

Ultra high pressure water log debarking

A method and apparatus for hydraulically debarking logs is disclosed, in which water at a substantially constant, ultra high pressure of, say, at least


(300 Renaissance Center, P.O. Box 300Detroit, pressure control over the fluid in the hydraulic fills a high-pressure chamber 44, which is in

Hydraulic actuator for active ride suspension

2005919-Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)high pressure fluid to said contraction and special dual acting hydraulic actuators

Control valving for a hydraulic retarder

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)hydraulic transmission having a source of fluid high pressure, high torque capacity retarder and

Hydraulic shift control for a power transmission

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic fluid in the by a high pressure selector shuttle valve 107,

the accumulator pressure in an electrohydraulic braking

A method and a device for compensating for an accumulator pressure in an electrohydraulic braking system of a motor vehicle, in which a valve arrangement

Electro-hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission

A hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission includes a plurality of pressure and flow control devices and logic valve assemblies in fluid

Hydraulic torque converter

Detroit, Mich., a corporation of Delaware the hydraulic force of liquid flowing past the high pressurethrough any suitable pressure regulating

high temperature thread locking in hydraulic

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)hydraulic fluid pressure, and heating said adhesivehigh pressure hydraulic fluids before and after

Hydrodynamic coupling devices

Grand Blvd, Detroit, Mich. Filed June 1, 1961, Ser. No. 114,264 6 diameter piston to force fluid at high pressure to the hydraulic cushion


Used 2004 Price excavator 330bl hydraulic crawler excavator in Shanghai, China Model Number--- 330BL Place Of Origin---Japan Year Model---2004Y

Hydraulic shift control for a transmission

West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan, 48202, the hydraulic shift control comprising a source by a high pressure selector shuttle valve 107,

Method for valve seating control for an electro-hydraulic

(Detroit, MI, US) Primary Class: 123/90.12 hydraulic valve actuator assembly including a main a high pressure port 36 selectively fluidly

for reducing power consumption of an electro-hydraulic

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)Hydraulic pressure from the hydraulic pump is alsoand a high-pressure accumulator has been proposed

Electrohydraulic torque transfer device with integrated

(Detroit, MI, US) Primary Class: 475/198 wherein hydraulic fluid employed for actuation of204 and passes through a high pressure filter

Electrohydraulic Brake System - The First Approach to Brake-

The systems accumulates brake pressure through a high pressure accumulator SAE 1996-09-91, DetroitJONNER WOLF-DIETER ET AL.: Electrohydraulic

High pressure gas exchanger

An apparatus 10 and method for delivering a high partial pressure of a gas into a liquid. The apparatus has a gas transfer device 12 with a housing


2011519-Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)high pressure source and a valve outlet adapted hydraulic leveler unit; second valve

Micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) based hydraulic

GM Global Technology Operations LLC (Detroit, MIhydraulic device in response to the control signalhigh pressure fluid, such as a transmission pump

Hydraulic fluid cooling system for a dual clutch automatic

GM Global Technology Operations LLC (Detroit, MIhigh pressure pumps with switch over valve for hydraulic fluid pressure source; a hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic hose guard for use with excavating machines or the

Assignee: Massey-Ferguson Inc. (Detroit, MI) Primary Class: D15/28 1. The ornamental design for a hydraulic hose guard for use with