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The wavelet transform as a tool for geophysical data

1(b). K. Wapenaar et al. / The wavelet 8 7 6 2 3 4 5 6 2 4 6 8 10 7 Fig. vibrator, developed for controlled generation of

Turbine k -25 Vibrator components of pneumatic system , Low

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nozzle for a vacuum cleaner has a vibrator mounted in a

2003920-A vibrator (200) is mounted in the passage for generating a vibrating 5 darge­stellten Saugdüse in auseinandergebautem Zustand; Fig. 7


In the invention, each piezoelectric element for a vibrator for an ultrasonic motor has electrode regions for exciting stretching vibration and flexural

Vibrator unit using piezoelectric resonator - uses vibrations

At least two electromagnetic oscillation exciters (4,5) are arranged with their magnetic cores (9,10) on a common carrier (11), and their armatures

Doubly Ionized K-Shell Following Radioactive Decay

The ratio of the number _of K-rNa to rdfter the design of Weber12; a multlvibrator o 3 Y7 4 I~ Ro I Rg . v, - 5 1

Compositions useful in golf balls

4323247 Golf ball cover April, 1982 Keches et5-diethyltoluene-2,4-diamine; 3,5-diethylelectrodynamic vibrator driven by a signal generator

Selective anticancer effects of 3,5-dioctanoyl-5-fluoro-2-

5-dioctanoyl-FdUrd (FdUrd-C8) dissolved in vibrator-mixer (MM-2; Kayagaki Rika Co., x 6 mm, 11x11 mm, or 21 x 21 mm 7 days


2015114- 7. A vibrator comprising: the vibrating element the vibrating element according to claim 5; and a support portion 25, and four coupli

Oxides of lead, lanthanum, zirconium and titanium

a transparent vibrator and at least one plate x=6 and y/z=55.5/44.5 at b, x=6 and(picocoul/N) and and k.sub.31 (

Shear-Wave Velocity Characterization of the USGS Hawaiian

(NEES) mobile vibrator called Thumper (Fig. 3)25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 ft using (Hz) 20 15 10 N =102 5 0 -5 -10 -15

using hydraulic vibrators to shorten saccadic reaction time.

J Physiol Anthropol, 2006,25(5): 345-351.Fujiwara K,Kunita K,Furune N,et al.Optimal vibration stimulation to the neck extensor muscles using

Vibrator and production method therefor

A vibrator includes a vibrating body having a substantially quadrangular prism shape and including four side surfaces extending in the longitudinal direction

Portable vibrator

Disclosed is a portable vibrator including a vibration device having a one-touch switch on one side, and an upper cover and a lower cover each having

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Dynamic Finite-Element Analysis of Jointed Concrete Pavements

1 m =3.279 ft FIGURE5 Pavement profiles used7, and 11) measuredby the WES16-kip Vibrator Dynamic (15 Hz) Sfiffne,~ Site Co~ff., k

Vibrator for detecting angular velocities about two axes and

A vibrator includes a vibratable body of a flat plate shape and four notches provided from four parts of the outer periphery of said vibrating body

Coordinate input apparatus and a wireless input pen

material 7 made of silicone rubber or the like.vibrator 4, the vibrator driving circuit 2 inputs(5), the coordinate (x, y) of the position

Vibrator for pipes produced in molds has ring-shaped body,

2005820-The production machine for socket pipes consists of a hollow mold (2) with longitudinal axis pointing in the direction of gravity along whic

Inertial sensor

7456554 Support member of vibrator 2008-11-25 wherein in a case when an X-axis is defined 7i and 7k are formed as depressed from one

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The invention provides a vibrator assembly (5) having a pair of vibrators (1) held in spaced apart relationship by a frame (10). A screen assembly

Touch panel vibrator with reduced visibility

and a vibrator provided on the second principal surface of the operation a light shielding film 5, a base substance 6, a frame body 7, and

Piezoelectric vibrator ladder-type filter using piezoeletric

2002720- 29/25.35 5929555 Piezoelectric resonator and vibrator element portion lies, with said X-axis –2.1, 2.5–3.2, 3.7–4.3 and 4.9–5.3

Multi-lane fruit guide assembly for a juice extractor and

198/771, 198/758, 193/25FT, 198/446, 198 a vibrator removably fastened to said frame to1, 5, 6 and 7, there are illustrated

Magnetic nanocomposite with multi-biofunctional groups and

CH═CH, and wherein M=H, Li, Na, K, or 5-7 minutes at a temperature of 75-80° C. vibrator to uniformly disperse the magnetic

Vibrating element, vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus

PIEZOELECTRIC VIBRATOR 2009-01-08 Kurakawa 73/5046A to 7. For convenience of description, an x(frame body) 25, the four coupling portions 261