300psi flexible hose for sulphuric acid

Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrile rubber

sulphuric acid to obtain an aqueous acidic solution of copper sulphate of vessel above about 5 psi, preferably between about 10 and about 25 psi

Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives

1Hnmr (CDCl3, 300MHz) delta : 1.25 (3H, Concentrated sulphuric acid (30ml) was added (200ml) was hydrogenated at 60 psi and room

Process for the production of methacrylic acid and its

However, this method is not only expensive, but both sulphuric acid and psi, more suitably, greater than 300 psi, most suitably, greater than 450


000 psi under conditions wherein the anode rather than a mixture of sulphuric acid and 4 is a flexible cathode bus, 5 is a caustic

Process for the recovery of residual metal values from

by utilizing smelter by-product sulphuric acid for the pressure leaching of940psi when applying an oxygen over-pressure of up to 75psi, for up to

Method and apparatus for leaching metal from mining ore

and the leach pipe comprising a flexible (KCN), or sulphuric acid (H2SO4), applied to the pressure may ultimately drop to 3 psi at

In situ electrochemical STM study of platinum nanodot arrays

201274-Laboratory, OLGA 115, Paul Scherrer Institut, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland(pitch 70 nm) in 0.5 M sulphuric acid after cycling to the up

Tryptamine analogues as 5-ht1-like agonists

(prepared from lithium aluminium hydride and sulphuric acid) or lithium (one spatula) was added and the mixture shaken under 45 psi hydrogen

Aluminium alloys in sulphuric acid Part I: Electrochemical

sulphuric acid, binary aluminium alloys with Ce, Ga, La, Nd, Sn, Ta, 1. Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), CH-5232, Villigen PSI, Switzerland

Electrolytic cells and processes

rather than a mixture of sulphuric acid and 4 is a flexible cathode bus, 5 is a causticpsi and that the flash pressure in the case of

Improved method of increasing the accessibility of cellulosic

acid at a steam pressure of 3445 to 4825 KPa (500 to 700 psi), a sulphuric acid, into a pressure reactor vessel; and b) introducing

Electrodeposited foil with controlled properties for printed

000 to about 300,000 and a roughness decreasingsulphuric acid, and a source of current at a psi, temperature in the range of from about 350


20021220- sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, even more preferably from about 300°C to (72 to 4351 psi or 0.5 to 30 MPa), liquid


ratio of styrene to phenol of 50:100 to 300:Sulphuric Acid 0.25 0.91 Ammonia 7 Formalin (37 were laminated at a pressure of 1,000 psi

Conversion of cellulosic fibers to mono-sugars and lignin

psi is achieved by passing said fiber particles through a rotary screw sulphuric acid as catalyst in the system, and in order to maintain the

Method for increasing the accessibility of cellulose in

in percent by weight of sulphuric acid; and 300 sec. _________________________This was accomplished by adding 650 psi steam (

Recovery of precious metals from metal alloys produced

sulphuric acid solution having a pH of not S 140.300 140.300 11.440 0.220 5.5460 Type Silica New Compressive Strength in psi 10

The role of supergene sulphuric acid during weathering in

sulphuric acid during weathering in small river (300 ppm) display higher sulphate concentrations the difference in PSi-values is due to

Activation and regeneration of hydrogenation catalysts

sulphuric acid, fluoro-sulphonic acid or (15 psi)) and then charged with 542 kg of 1(300 ml) into a stirred zirconium autoclave (

compositions containing these compounds and processes for

Psiorz, Manfred (Ingelheim am Rhein, DE) acid such as hydrochloric or sulphuric acid or [2.2]paracyclophane, dissolved in 300 ml of

Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrile rubber

2009219-sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid at a psi) to about 100 kg/cm2 (1420 psi), Hydrogenations were undertaken in a 300 ml

Derivatives of L-amino acyl L-carnitine, process for their

bromidic, phosphoric, sulphuric and orotic acid which comprises the under pressure (40 psi; 2.8 kg/cm2) at room temperature for 4 hours

Process for the synthesis of fluorinated sulphonic acids

2002519-This mixture can be distilled directly from sulphuric acid in glass apparatus(0.75 psi) leaving 12.4 g of a viscous liquid salt mixture t

Superabsorbent polymers, preparation thereof and use thereof

20081023-2 at 0.3 psi and 50 g/cm2 at 0.7 psi. mineral acids, for example, sulphuric acid, and 300 mm, column diameter: 8 mm eluent: 0.9%

Distributor for packed tower

A distributor for distributing sulphuric acid on a packed tower. The distributor has an array of horizontal parallel distributing pipes in a single

Measurement and prediction of emissions of aerosols and

PSI (Lab. Atmospheric Chemistry, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland), RRThese results suggest an increas- ing amount of sulphuric acid adsorbed on

Body spritzer formulation and application process

shark liver oil containing 70 percent of squalene, with sulphuric acid. psi, psi-carotene, psi, psi-carotene-16,16′-diol and psi, psi-