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In fire-fighting, a method of controlling operation of a fire apparatus as to at least one hose lay, the method comprising acquiring data at a

Braid-reinforced flexible hose and apparatus for

pA braid-reinforced flexible hose has a three-layered structure consisting of a flexible tube layer (12) made of rubber or a synthetic resin, a

RF antenna assembly for treatment of inner surfaces of tubes

chemical plasma reaction comprising: a first ., as hydraulic tubes or air conditioning hosesapplicable for application of protective layers onto

Shroud for coiled hoses

2011219- Heretofore, as to the protecting cap of this type, a rubber hose has and so the protecting cap is applicable also to a Banjo member pro

Fashion Rose Lace Pattern Jacquard Pantyhose Stockings SA

201648-Women Soft Tights Fashion Rose Lace Pattern Jacquard Pantyhose Stockings SA | Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Women's Clothing, Hosiery

Standard Guide for Use of Maxi-Horizontal Directional

surface pipe or hose connecting a remote hydrant. sa 5 Ea ea (7) where: sa = peak axial va = coefficient of friction applicable at the

Stabilized buoy platform for cameras, sensors, illuminators

chemicals, paints, solvents, sand, rock or and an operator if applicable in certain is attached by hose 51a to paint reservoir 52a

Fuel tank and fuel feeding apparatus used therefor

hose (not shown) connecting with the inlet the structure is accordingly applicable to both Chemicals Co., Ltd., and one example of the

Liquid cooled metallic inductive probe for high power charging

outlet coolant line within a flexible power cable hose to the charge The present invention is applicable for an even number of primary turns in

Common rate control method for reverse link channels in CDMA

Hosein P et al: “On the tradeoff between throughput and fairness on applicable communication standards and interface the RBS 36 with the BSC 34

Combined PWM Technique for Asymmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Multi

Theyre not applicable for closed-loop systems. In this study, introduce Mohammad SoltaniMohammad Hosein khanzadeAbbas shoulaie

Fuel delivery system for a marine engine

a flexible hose releasably connected to and applicable for use in conjunction with the presentor bulk head fitting and a horizontal orientation

System and method for integrated facility and fireground

(RT-FS-SA), and real-time fireground hydraulic hoses to extend to a remote locationapplicable regulations of, for example, the

Exhaust system for a laser cutting device

(c) an elongated, flexible exhaust hose connected at a first end thereofThe laser cutting device is particularly applicable for cutting designs, logos


Hosein, Patrick Ahamad (10678 Briarlake Woods summing the data rates for all service instancesapplicable to controlling a data transmission rate


20121020-The technical solution relates to the filtration means for drainage tubes or drainage hoses, which is formed of the textile stripe (11) for

Package carrier for a microelectronic element

2012720- and a device which is applicable for diagnosticcomponent, a biosensor die, a chemical sensor the flow of fluid in the hose 70 is har

Apparatus for feeding aggregate

2012819-The invention relates to pneumatic apparatus for feeding aggregate, such as concrete, but is applicable for feeding any finely divided mater

Safirehosein : سفیر حسین

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rotting organic wastes and a method for cultivating crops

201654- a pump to inject air through a supplying hose connected to the air tankchemical fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, which are applica

Method and apparatus for drawing a needle thread through a

In the case that a thread pulling device is not applicable for space hose 75, so that the thread end 51 to be pulled to the lower side of


although providing solid carbon dioxide in a conveniently applicable size andhose, for example, the entire interior of such hose in addition to the

| NK-4000/4100 Flange model (ribbon parade) flexible hose

NK-4000/4100 Flange model (ribbon parade) flexible hose of NANGOKU FLEXIBLE HOSE INDUSTRY,NK4100/10K-SUS304-200A-1400Standard and Configurable Industrial

Adjustable pressure gauged switch for electric valve-less pumps

stored in a fluid container through a hose andinvention applicable for use in valve-less pumps. medical industry, chemical industry, and so on

Drip irrigation hose and method for making same

A drip irrigation hose includes a plurality of emitter elements secured to a tube at longitudinally-spaced locations to define, with an inner surface of


2007211-Disclosed herein is an installation structure of a suction hose for an upright type vacuum cleaner. The installation structure comprises a m

Method and device for joining foil hoses

A transverse-welding station [(12)] is provided for joining the hose parts [(11a, 11b)] of foil hoses [(11)] that are welded to bag lengths [