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Techniques for mode separation in Rayleigh wave testing

Karray, G. Lefebvre / Soil Dynamics and at 3db intervals 100 80 60 40 Theoretical groupvibrator with contra-rotating weights of 0.5 kg


K is 1 or 2, one of m and n is 1 and --NH3 R4 or ##STR5## wherein R1, R2, utilizing piezoelectric vibrator or thermal energy

Piezoelectric motor, drive unit, electronic part transfer

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Recording liquid having organic solvent with plural (C 2 H 4

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Vibratory angular rate sensor

A vibratory angular rate sensor comprises a vibrator having a vibrating element arranged to oscillate along a first direction, the element being arranged to

Piezoelectric vibrator having peripheral notches therein

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Evaluation of moduli and thicknesses of pavement systems by

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Game apparatus with game player physical strength recognition

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High quality serial resonance oscillator

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Current detection circuit and current detection method

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Boronic acid or borinic acid derivatives as enzyme stabilizers

R1 and R3 are independently one of a hydroxylC12-15 alcohol, 7 EO or C12-15 alcohol, 5 vibrator and thereafter placed in the water

Angular velocity sensor

An angular velocity detector includes vibrator made of piezoelectric material and having a pair of arms. A pair of driving electrodes are attached to the

Tuning-fork-type bimorph piezoelectric vibrator and vibrating

Inventors: Kurakawa, Haruyoshi (Toyama, JP) vibrator comprising: at least two piezoelectric R1 and R2 to ground, and are further connected

Oxidant detergent containing stable bleach activator granules

(IPC1-7): C01B15/00; C09K3/00; C11D7/ R1 of OR1 is C1-20 alkyl, R2 is C1-6- vibrator or with a spike to break up the

Vibration-type gyro apparatus

vibrator having at least a vibration mass portionR1 and supplied with an output from said first K denotes a torque spring constant of the

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Liquid droplet ejection method

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20151016- 5. The system of claim 4, wherein the vibrator measures the acoustic output at far- [0061] R1(x) = l~-Jl(x), (Eq.5) [