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Investigation of organic contaminants from spent shale

degrees of air intake, heating temperatures, and heating periods were Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Environ. Chem., Prepr.; (United States)

Correlated responses in growth hormone to selection for

(EPA line), or on intake restricted to 80% of the control mice (EPR line), and weight gain between 48 and 58 days under the above two feeding

homeostasis, beta-cell mass, or food intake in

Activation of glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1 receptor signaling promotes glucose lowering via multiple mechanisms, including regulation of food intake, glucose

Determination of Energy-Protein Ratio (EPR) in broilers diet

An experimental study aimed to determine the effective EPR in broilers diet, was carried out in southern region of Armenia (air temperature in broiler

High dietary phosphate intake induces hypertension

High dietary phosphate intake induces hypertension and augments exercise pressor mediated by an overactive skeletal muscle exercise pressor reflex (EPR)

on nonwoven filter fabric for intake air filtration in the

intake air filtration in the IC engine of an off-road vehicle 9 Due to the values of dust absorption creoaecfhficaielnetvkeml ,odfeuteprmtoin2

Commercialization of the Dow gasification process

Power Enhancement of Gas Turbine Plant by Intake Air Fog Cooling J. PAm. Chem. Soc., Div. Gas Fuel Chem., Prepr.; (United States)

Antidepressant use and risk of cardiovascular outcomes in

(0.35 to 1.50) 0.39 Lofepramine 8 2.13 (1.05 to 4.33) 0.04 alcohol intake, ethnic group (white/not recorded or non-white), coronary


201555- the ACE inhibitor is selected from the group consisting of: ataceprit, impact since these studies were conducted at a high level of salt

The OldsZone-RR Porting

CPRi= Cs ported by Rocket Ranch, Intake CPRx= Cs ported by Rocket Ranch, Exhaust ES= Edelbrock [Aluminum] Stock EPR= Edelbrock [Aluminum] Ported

Concentric intake and exhaust valves for internal combustion

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The effect of zinc intake on erythrocyte osmotic

The effect of zinc intake on erythrocyte osmotic fragility in humansEPR spectra at liquid helium temperatures and MCD spectra at room temperature

[Growth and meat qualities of finishing pigs fed on eprin-

[Growth and meat qualities of finishing pigs fed on eprin-supplemented feed intake, carne de cerdo, pork, ingestion de pienso, gain de poids,

Daily intake of palatable sucrose-containing, but not lipid-

2006331-Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies show the formation of iron nitrosyl complexes during this incubation and experiments with labe

The threats to surface waters in Nadwieprzański Landscape Park

The threats to surface waters in Nadwieprzański Landscape Parkstations situated down the river below the intake of water to the canal

Self-feeding paint roller

through a flexible hose to the handle of the communicating with the intake side of said pump;Epr Corporation Paint dispensing applicator with


The major 90Sr intake by inhabitants of the area occurred in 1950-1951. About 3,000 kBq of 90Sr were ingested with river water by the residents of

Validation and clinical applications of a new EPR assay for

Measurement of gastric and plasma S-nitrosothiols by EPR spectrometry after intake, suggesting that this is a more reliable indication of nitric oxide

Air cleaner element and method of manufacturing

air cleaner from an air inlet flows into a space above the air cleaner are inserted between upepr and lower mold members 18, 20 as shown in

Feeding and production of zooplankton in the Catalan Sea (NW

avirostris in the Catalan Sea (50% of carbon intake), fol- lowed by Weight-specific average EPR Weight-specific maximum EPR Shelf Shelfbreak

Effects of different dietary energy-protein ratios on the

The results showed that as EPR inreased, average daily gain(ADG) and average daily intake of DE(ADDI) increased quadratically(P0. 01),a negative

High salt intake and aldosterone independently

High salt intake and aldosterone independently augment the exercise pressor reflex in rats (1165.10)Evidence suggests the exercise pressor reflex (EPR) is

Carbon deposit formation from thermal stressing of petroleum

intake valves and ports, and in the combustion studied the effect of fuel composition on air-- 9 162 11.26 - - 1100 64 33.62 Prepr

Air conditioner charging station with same

air conditioner, reclaims it by removing certain and has an inlet spaced from the float, and The cap 92 is provided with a suitable hose


The results considered in this paper include EPR measurements on 27 teeth The major intake of 90Sr by inhabitants of the area occurred in 1950–

Thrust correlated engine pressure ratio indicator and method

(EPR) from which the level of thrust developed by the engine can be The fan and compressor are both located just inside the air inlet 14,

Interrelationships between water electrolyte metabolism in

maintained at a level sufficient to keep urine water close to the minimum, and that ADH may have an additional effect of inhibiting water intake