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A61P35/00; A61P43/00; C07D303/38; C07DPrir. Soedin. 5, 655, 1982.* S.M. Adekewith sodium chloride and concentrated sulfuric acid

without sulfuric acid generation via chlorination - Part 1

Extraction of copper from chalcopyrite concentrates without sulfuric acid generation via chlorination - Part 1: Gaseous chlorination of sulfide concentrates o

Sulfuric acid autoclave dissolution of Ni-Co sulfide deposit

sulfuric acid consumption from 0.19 to 1.0 mol(98.09)* 0.24 27.31 (67.03)* 6.42 18.9. K. Tetsuyoshi, M. Imamura, J. Takahashi,

Wafer recovering method, wafer, and fabrication method

Process and apparatus for producing sulfuric acid.·uche 1 bis 5, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass Eine besonders bevorzugte Ausf·uhrungsform der

One-piece single metal spinneret having softened capillary zone

2011919- (c) at least one spinning passage extending from the entrance face to sulfuric acid dopes, and are not intended to limit the spinnerets

process for the production of sulfated fatty acid alkanol

Described is a method of preparing sulphated fatty-acid alkanolamides in the form of light-coloured, freely flowing pastes by reacting fatty-acid alkanol

mixture by-product involves treating with sulfuric acid

sulfuric acid and then calcium fluoride to give a calcium sulfate binder 1. Verfahren zur Verwertung von Abfallsalzmischungen aus HALEX-Reak­tion

Immunoassay for neonicotinyl insecticides

, thiamethoxam, thiacloprid and clothiadin. 1; (b) contacting said sample with the in a nitric acid (120 ml)/sulfuric acid (

Carbanilate by N-Chlorosuccinimide and Synthesis of 1,3,5-

te by N-Chlorosuccinimide and Synthesis of 1,3sulfuric acid, hexanes were added, making a two phenyl isocyanate 98%, and sodium hypophosphite

for the concentration and the purification of sulfuric acid

acid, obtained by a nitric oxide/sulphuric acid OF CONVERTING SULFUR DIOXIDE TO SULFURIC ACIDauszugleichen, weil die vorgeschaltete Kontakt

chapter05 Acid-Base Titrations__

formic acid is converted to one of seven three—phase interface”, Catalysis Today 98 (least one of Ce (IV) oxide and Te (IV)

Corrosion-protective properties of 1-phenacylmethyl-2-aryl

2006121- Inhibiting effect of 1-phenacylmethylpyridinium zinc corrosion in sulfuric acid solutions was 98, p. 5648. CrossRef Frisch, M.J.,

Method and a product for the rapid decontamination and

one or more members selected from the group dimethyldin-propyl ammonium halide, methyltrin- watersoluble salts of sulfuric acid monoesters

Method for fluidizing tars

sulfuric acid tars/sludges from containers/vessels C23G1/02; C23G1/24; (IPC1-7): B01F17/98% concentration at a temperature of from about

for paper - Quantum mechanical study of sulfuric acid

Supporting Information for paper - Quantum mechanical study of sulfuric acid For H 2 SO 4 (H 2 O) n where n = 1–6, we used a scheme

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Cryogenic ion trap vibrational spectroscopy of hydrogen-

1 cm−1) of the pulsed lasers typically (aq) in a sulfuric acid solution obtained by [106] M. Kaledin, A.L. Kaledin, J.M

Rotary vacuum precoat filter

chalcogen-containing compound to sulfuric acid being g at least about 1. (SO4)2, selenates, e.g., CaSeO4, silicides such as calcium silicide

benzene in presence of sulfuric acid to nitrobenzene, concen

The method for producing biofilm (2) causing biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion on a surface of a test body (4) arranged in a reactor container (3) of

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