1 2 inch soft rubber end hoses for stationary concrete pump

Automated system for micropropagation and culturing organic

one hand, remove the cotton filled rubber stopper54 is passed through a stationary knife blade 72have a total thickness of less than 1/2 inch

Method for making a prosthetic socket

one end of the cylindrical shaft, wherein the one stationary position to another stationary 2 inch, and in the preferred embodiment of the

Apparatus for making a twin-wall, internally corrugated

at one end alternately registerable with said stationary probe having a plurality of orifices 2 inch, a predefined width w of approximately

Aesseal seal type S07 S070 Flowserve 1H stationary seat from

Product Details of Aesseal seal type S07 S070 Flowserve 1H stationary seat, AZT20, Vulcan type21 John Crane W TYPE stationary seat from China

Seed planter, planter assembly and method of picking up and

substantially stationary relative to the ground one seed will cause two seeds to issue from Air hoses 28 connect the radial bores 26 to

Machine for shredding leaves and garden debris

said stationary blades having their trailing edgesone-fifth the angular velocity of the main shaft2 inch in an axial direction to an annular

Compressive treatment of webs

and a generally stationary retarding surface end portion of said support member, said extent of between about 1/2 and 11/2 inches

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a stationary container supporting track surroundinginch to reduce the pressure of the confined 2 illustrating the flexible hoses for connecting

Exercise Cushion Stationary Recumbent Bicycle (Domain Cycling

Stationary Recumbent Bicycle Rowing Machine - Just in 2 weeks. And inches! -Notice from S.on a cold concrete floor before this mat arrived

Method and apparatus for making fluorocarbon film plastic

two lasers, using the one of said lasers to stationary, and using control means to move saidhose 103 which leads to a vacuum pump (not

Self-contained propellant driven turbofan

hoses and aspirators, the generator being 20 inches long with an outside 2 or 1 1 2 2 or 1Turbofans, or AirInduction SystemsTotal Inflation

Video system for storing and retrieving documentary information

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Web holddown and drive for corrugator double backer

apart from the distal end of the positive cast.stationary or spacer component 54 and a mobileallow an additional 3 1/2 inch cutting depth

X-ray backscatter detection system

2 percent of X-rays in said beam are detected has a thickness of less than one-half inch. stationary and scanning only the X-ray source in

Vehicle washing machine

PUMP FEED SYSTEM July, 1971 Archer 134/100.1 Support structure 12 includes two stationary, and hydraulic control hoses (not shown), is

Pump control systems

pump, a pump which provides substantially pulse-1) a pressure-sensing means and 2) flow-through a compartment containing a stationary phase

Flow control sensor and method for filling of a filter press

one end of said frame and supported for pump and said pressure regulator, said air flow 2 inch air supply line or a 3/4 inch air

Method and apparatus for mixing, spraying and placing

and clogging of hoses with slurry or dry (0.0017 inch) to pea gravel (1/4), stationary vanes arranged in a geometrical

Eddy pump

pump inlet to discharge into the ambient body ofstationary member having inlets for receiving a 2 inch spacing therebetween for the peripheral

Drop-in substitutes for 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R-134a)

about 2-25 weight percent 1,1-difluoroethane, both stationary and automotive, to R-134a ( R-12) or are dissolved in rubber hoses

Fiber optic backlight illumination panel for graphics/logos

An illumination panel for use in large-scale stationary or mobile applications is disclosed. The illumination panel includes a cover and a reflecting back

Methods and apparatus for knife and blade sharpening

locating the magnetic guide surface with one ofstationary disk to accommodate knives of different 2 inch diameter disk--enough thickness to prevent

Container for carrying and transporting computer tape

stationary while the container is being carried one of said base end walls and one of said base 14), typically 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch


ends of said upper and lower holders, one of the carriers remains stationary relative tohoses 47 to blow the packages off of the

Air lay-down process for producing uniform lightweight webs

stationary surface spaced less than 0.125 inch which extends 1/2 to 3/4-inch from the anemometers for measuring velocity and turbulence

Protein removal system

1. A process for removing proteins from an aqueous fluid which comprises of the bottom chamber will be from about 2 inches to about 24 inches

Conditioning drum for use in hot water separation of bitumen

stationary steam header extending substantially over in the grate member are about 1/2 inch. and the conditioned pump along with the over