en 856 r13 aerospace heated hose

Resin modified elastomers

(R13SiO1/2)x(SiO4/2)y(R1SiO3/2)z where R1 is independently a The mixture was heated to 70° C. and upon complete dissolution of the

Sealant composition

H01R4/24; H01R13/52; (IPC1-7): H01R4/00; H02G15/08 heat to the sides of the ferrule 16 thus encasing the sealant material

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Iron silicate phase

hydrocarbon moieties; and R13 is unsubstituted or substituted hydrocarbon The heating of the linear polymers is carried out over a curing temperature

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Cyclohept[b]indoleakanoic acids, pharmaceutical compositions

2003619-(O)2 R13 ; NHS(O)2 R13 ;--C(O)CH2 OH choline theophyllinate and enprofylline, the the resultant mixture heated at reflux for 8 h

Molded composite panels

a surfacing layer destroyed under the action of the heat released by a B29C43/52; B29C70/08; B29C70/46; B60R13/02; D06N7/02; (IPC1

Molecular chaperones and the heat shock response : Sponsored

R13-R27KAUFMAN R J: Molecular chaperones and the heat shock response - Sponsored by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 6-10 May 1998 BBA - REVIEWS

Epoxysilicone condensate, curable composition comprising

Si(OR12)mR134-m (2) (wherein R12 and R13 each independently representheat release and light energy, and thus the performance of such LED

System for outdoor electrical protection

International Classes: H01R13/627 Field of Searchsleeve having said heat activated glue thereon; Water from rain 14, snow or garden hose can

Polyaspartate derivatives for use in detergent compositions

(R3)) where R3 is H or C1-C4 alkyl; R13 is: wherein R1, R2, R8and then the system is repressurized to 1000 psi and heated to 180° C

Static dissipating plastic truck cargo bed liner

International Classes: B60R13/01; (IPC1-7): B60R13/01 During such co-extrusion the heated polyethylene substrate material and the

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Certain herbicidal 1,2,4-triazolo[4,5-b]pyridines

CONHN+ R10 R11 R12 R13-, CO2- R14+ or such as pyrazoxyfen, pyrazolate and benzofenap(0.80g, 2.05mmol) was heated under reflux

Cyan chromogenic leuco dyes for photothermographic materials

with the proviso that the sum of the carbon atoms of R13, R14 and heat processed to obtain a negative silver image with a uniform distribution

Chemical amplified resist material containing photosensitive

heating under an atmosphere of an acid generated ##STR11## wherein R13 is a straight-chain,(p-toleuensulfonyl)-3,3-dimethylbutan-2-one

Methods of use for peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts,

R2, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, 1.71 mmole) was dissolved in 38 mL of water and was heated to 85°

Power plug with overloaded display

20101020-A power plug with overloaded display providing users with a function of a warning display for protecting the power plug from over-heated mel

Red-colored photosensitive composition and color filter

(I) or its salt: 13 wherein R10 to R13 represent independently each In this heating temperature range, the photosensitive composition is

Weak Ferromagnetic Exchange and Anomalous Specific Heat in Z

Weak Ferromagnetic Exchange and Anomalous Specific Heat in ZnCu[sub 3](OH)[sub 6]Cl[sub 2]Experimental evidence for a plethora of low energy spin

Method of making a hermetically sealed electrical connector

The assembled connector is pre-heated, and a sealant is applied to the H01R13/52; H01R43/00; H01R13/52; H01R43/00; (IPC1-7): H01R43

Process for the methylation of triazine compounds containing

R13 groups, R13 being C1 -C12 alkyl or heat stabilizers for synthetic polymers, as Tetramethylpiperidin enthaltenden Triazinverbindungen

Ring-opened copolymer, hydrogenated ring-opened copolymer,

and exhibit well-balanced good heat resistance, good electrical properties 45 50 55 5 EP 1 803 761 A1 wherein R13 to R16 and p are the

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Stabilized aminobenzotrifluorides

2005419-(CR13 R14)p --, R13 and R14 independently of each other, are hydrogen(0.62 mol) of 2-aminobenzotrifluoride, and heating at a temperature